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What Will a Home Inspection Tell Me?

What Will A Home Inspection Tell Me | American Verified Home Inspection | Cincinnati Home Inspection

Cincinnati Home Inspector of American Verified answers Home Inspection’s frequently asked questions: What will a home inspection tell me?

If you’re thinking of skipping the home inspection, you might be missing most of the significant things you need to know. Of course, the first thing you notice is the overall look of the home you plan to purchase. Definitely, the exterior leaves a good impression that catches attention. But, there’s more to life than the outward appearance of the home. Once you move in, the beauty outside will no longer attract you. Either you’ll be mesmerized by what’s inside or you’ll be stuck in unpleasant surprises.

We all know that buying a home is not something like buying a pair of clothing. If it doesn’t fit you, you could either return it or replace it for another item. Scoring a reasonable price of a great home is only a fraction of the actual expenses you are about to make. Most would-be buyers opt to skip an inspection because, yes, it is not mandatory plus it will be an additional expense on top of closing costs, mortgage fees, and other real-estate-related expenses. However, homeowners who chose the wise decision of undertaking a home inspection can attest to how much it can help you save thousands of dollars down the road.

Since there are so many myths that surround the idea of a home inspection, most people often wonder “What Will a Home Inspection Tell Me?”, “Is it Worth It?”, “Do I really need it?”. Well, the answers are: A HOME INSPECTION WILL TELL YOU SO MANY THINGS. YES, IT IS WORTH IT. AND, YES YOU REALLY NEED IT.

Typically, home inspections last about 2 to 4 hours. The length and cost of a home inspection depending on the location/region, size of the home, and age of a home. In some cases of risky weather conditions, some parts of the inspection are rescheduled such as roofing inspection.  

A home inspection is not a pass/fail examination. It is a non-invasive, comprehensive examination of the physical conditions of the home. The following are the elements that are inspected by licensed home inspectors:


Foundation Inspection | Staffordshire Home Advisors | Marietta Home Inspections

Marrieta Home Inspector found cracks on the walls and foundation of the house

The inspector will examine if there are any cracks or shifting in the foundation. This is to ensure that no water is leaking or accumulating from the foundation as well as the basement.

Walkways and driveways 

beautiful House | Staffordshire Home Advisors

The quality of walkways, driveways and proper grading of drainage will be part of the inspection.


Roof Inspection | Staffordshire Home Advisors | Marietta GA Home Inspections

The roof is the easiest part of the house to make contact with any weather conditions. The inspector will examine any broken shingles, damaged or faulty flashing, and the overall integrity of the roof.


A builder, contractor or surveyor pointing out an issue with a property to a homeowner. | Staffordshire Home Advisors | Marietta Home Inspection

This includes siding, doors, and windows.


Building Inspector Looking At New Property | Staffordshire Home Advisors | Marietta GA Home Inspections

This is to ensure that there are proper ventilation and insulation.


Inspector inspecting the pipeline | Staffordshire Home Advisors

This includes outlets, fixtures, walls, doors, and other areas.


molds on wall | Staffordshire Home Advisors | Marietta Home Advisors

The basement is one of the least maintained parts of the house. Termite infestations and water leaks that lead to mold growth are common in this area.

Electrical utilities

Inspecting Electrical | Staffordshire Home Advisors | Maritta GA Home Inspection

The inspector will examine if there are no faulty wirings and poor installations that might pose a safety risk


Plumbing Inspection | Stafforshire Home Advisors | Marietta GA Home Inspections

Water gives life to the house. The inspector will check for proper installation of plumbing systems which include water pressure, hot and cold, the functionality of sinks and bathrooms, and other functions that require water.


elegant kitchen | Staffordshire Home Advisors | Marietta Home Inspection

The working conditions of major appliances will be checked.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC Inspection | Staffordshire Home Advisors | Home Inspection Marietta GA

The HVAC provides heating and cooling systems to any building and is a required industry standard. This HVAC is a significant part of the inspection.

Generally speaking, a home inspection will tell you what you are about to step into. Following the inspection, the licensed inspector will submit a comprehensive and detailed report highlighting both positive and negative conditions. A home inspection is vital for both buyers and sellers. It helps buyers make an informed decision and helps sellers be confident about the property they’re selling. So, the next time someone asks what a home inspection will tell you, just say, ALL THAT ONE NEEDS TO KNOW.

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