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Leaking Drain In Bathtub

This is a newly remodeled  home in Cincinnati.  Fresh paint, new carpet, updated kitchen and baths.  With a first glance  you would think the house was as good as new.  We always run water through the tubs, showers, sinks and toilets during an inspection.  After doing so, we walked down into the finished basement  to check for leaks and scan with a thermal camera.  Water was leaking profusely through the basement ceiling, down the walls and onto the carpeted floor.  Without a thorough home inspection, this could  be the an unfortunate (and costly) discovery once you move in.  No matter how competitive the real estate market is in your area, don’t forgo a home inspection.  You don’t want to move in to find that the tub and shower is leaking, only to cost $1,500 or more to repair the leak and damage it caused.

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