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What To Expect From a WDI Inspection

Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and Powder Post Beetles are very prevalent in southwestern Ohio.

They are so common in fact that a WDI report is always included with an AVHI home inspection. Most government backed loans such as FHA and VA require a WDI inspection report, done with an NPMA-33 form which we fill out and send as a PDF.

All VA loans require a wood destroying insect inspection when refinancing a home. We do stand-alone WDI inspections for refinancing as well! Call Rob directly at 513-226-1217 to schedule your stand-alone WDI inspection. We can get these done quickly and turn around the report and a paid receipt (a receipt is required by the government on VA loans) the same day.

We recommend having a wood destroying insect inspection done every two years. While there may have been no evidence of termites or other WDI’s when you purchased your home, as time goes by an infestation can occur. It is always best to catch it early and be proactive before significant infestation takes hold and damage any is done.

At AVHI we only inspect for wood destroying insects. Some pest inspection companies misstate or exaggerate the threat of an infestation to sell a costly treatment package or yearly monitoring service. That is not what we do. We have no stake in finding something so we can charge a high fee to treat the home.

You're Not Just Buying An Inspection

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