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Cincinnati Home Inspector
Rob Wetterstroem

Rob - Home Inspection Cincinnati, OH - American Verified Home InspectionsHi, I’m Rob Wetterstroem and as owner of American Verified Home Inspections, it is my job to help you make an informed decision before committing to any home purchase. Before you purchase a new home, a thorough home inspection must be performed. During this time, I will explain how the house functions, how the individual components work and I will do my best to determine the home’s current condition.

Since 2004, I have been inspecting Cincinnati homes for radon, termites, leaks, cracks and many other common issues that can affect a family home. Not only is a Cincinnati home inspection a wise financial move, but a proper home inspection will also alleviate much of the anxiety, stress, and worry brought on by a major life decision.

What to Expect During Your Cincinnati Home Inspection

Step 1: A Walkthrough with the Home Buyer

When I conduct home inspections in Cincinnati, I always encourage the home buyer to walk along with me. This will allow you to see ‘firsthand’ how a home inspector performs his duties, while I can help inform and educate you about the home along the way.

Step 2: The Cincinnati Home Inspection Process

During our walkthrough, I will take my time to explain, in basic language, how the home works and I will work hard to help you understand the true condition of the home you’re looking to buy. This is the part of the Cincinnati home inspection where we will look for any signs of problems or damage.

As your Cincinnati home inspector, I will conduct:

  • General Home Cincinnati Home Inspections: During a general home inspection, I will check everything from the foundation walls to the roof, the building materials, the home’s plumbing, and electrical systems, doors and windows, the garage, chimney, and every other aspect of the home to make sure everything is running as it should.
  • Radon Testing: Radon is a radioactive gas that can originate in the soil around your home and in some of your home’s construction materials. As an additional test, we can test the radon levels using the most advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Termite Inspections: In Cincinnati, termites can be a big problem. If left to thrive, termites can easily cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs. As an additional inspection, I subcontract with very qualified Cincinnati termite inspectors, to look for evidence of several types of wood-destroying insects.
  • Sewer Inspections: Not every Cincinnati Home Inspection includes a sewer pipe camera scope. On older homes in Cincinnati, this is an extremely valuable inspection. American Verified Home Inspections has contracted with a qualified plumbing company, and as an added inspection, we can have a camera scope the sewer pipe under the floor and yard to look for signs of cracked pipes, tree root intrusion or blockages. Ask us about our Cincinnati sewer pipe inspections.
  • Cincinnati Home Inspections to Check for Leaks, Cracks and Other Anomalies: With utility costs so high, you can’t afford to let anything go to waste. For that reason, our Cincinnati home inspections look for water, gas and air leaks that can make for an inefficient or unsafe living environment.
  • And Much More

Step 3: Your Cincinnati Home Inspection Report

Within 24 hours of the Cincinnati home inspection, I will provide you with a computer-generated report complete with full-color digital photographs. This allows you to sit down with your spouse, realtor and family members in order to decide what you should do next.

American Verified Home Inspections is the name to remember when you’re interested in buying a new home and you want to know whether you are making a sound investment.

Whether you are in need of:

      • New Cincinnati Home Inspections
      • Luxury Home Inspections
      • Older Home Inspections
      • Or Anything Other Type of Home Inspection in Cincinnati

American Verified Home Inspections will give you peace of mind and the ability to make the very best decision on any home purchase.