Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections in Cincinnati, Ohio

As Cincinnati home inspectors, it is our job to make sure that the home you’re about to purchase is safe, sound and comfortable. And Cincinnati roof inspections are a major factor in that process. Our trained and certified Cincinnati roof inspectors will check to make sure that all shingles are intact and we will also carefully inspect the attic to look for any visible leakage. Without a professional Cincinnati home inspection, it is easy to miss missing, cracked or slipped shingles. Let us do the professional work for you and let us help you determine the exact condition of the home you are looking to buy.

In addition to providing roof inspections in Cincinnati, American Verified Home Inspection also provides:

  • General Cincinnati Home Inspection: The home you have your sights set on may look fine from the outside. But inside there may be a mold issue, a catastrophic roof leak or a serious foundation problem. We will perform a complete home inspection from the foundation floors to the roof in order to help you make the best buying decision possible.
  • Furnace and Air Conditioning Inspections: Our trained and certified technicians will operate the home’s furnace and air conditioning systems to determine if they are functioning properly. They will also check for cracks and will use a Carbon Monoxide detector to ensure that is operating safely.
  • Cincinnati Plumbing Inspections: As we perform the Cincinnati home inspection, we will run a lot of water to evaluate the home’s plumbing system. We will fill bathtubs, run sinks, flush toilets and we will run all showers and faucets. If there are in fact any plumbing problems or leaks, we’ll find them.
  • Electrical Inspections: During the Cincinnati home inspection process, we will open the electrical panel to look for unsafe wiring. We will check for scorched and undersized wires and other unsafe wiring conditions. We will also check all kitchen appliances to ensure that they are installed and functioning correctly.
  • Cincinnati Door and Window Inspections: During the Cincinnati home inspection, we will check every door and window for cracks, broken seals and other anomalies. These common Cincinnati home construction problems can potentially cost a homeowner thousands of dollars a year in wasted energy costs and you need to know if they exist.
  • And More: The Cincinnati home inspection also includes inspecting siding, grading, landscaping and all other aspects of the home. Before you make a buying decision, you need to know if the home you are buying is worth the investment.

Since 2004, American Verified Home Inspections has been helping new, seasoned and luxury home buyers make the best decision possible. Our AVHI certified and experienced Cincinnati roof inspectors specialize in older home inspections, luxury home inspections, and new home inspections. Contact us today and let us determine if the home you are looking to buy is, in fact, the best choice for you and your family.