Older Home Inspections in Cincinnati, Ohio

An older home can contain many problems, even if those problems aren’t visible with the naked eye. Outdated plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling and other systems can lead to break-downs and unsafe living conditions if not properly maintained.

Our Cincinnati older home inspectors will take their time in order to provide thorough:

  • Electrical Inspections: As part of the Cincinnati older home inspection process, we will test the older home’s electrical system to determine its safety and whether or not it can sustain the home according to today’s standards. Our Cincinnati older home inspectors will also check the home’s appliances, all visible wiring.
  • Window Inspections: An older home tends to leak both air and water. Our Cincinnati older home inspectors will evaluate the windows in the home for air and water leaks, as well as cracks and spring malfunctions. If the windows in the home need to be repaired or replaced, you’ll know about it very early on.
  • Foundation Inspections: We don’t want you to move into an older home in Cincinnati only to find out that the home has major and costly foundation problems. We will check for construction problems, distress and many of the other common issues that can affect an older home’s foundation.
  • Plumbing Systems: If the home has its original plumbing, those materials may be outdated and they may need to be replaced. But chances are, the home has experienced many plumbing changes through the years as parts became worn out or they became obsolete as new plumbing technology was developed. We will determine the exact condition of the older home’s plumbing system, along with suggestions for keeping the system current and well-maintained.
  • And Much More

During the Cincinnati older home inspection process, we will provide you with the education and information you need to make the best decision regarding the older home you are looking to buy.

As your Cincinnati older home inspectors, we will provide you with an incredibly detailed computer generated home inspection report complete with digital photos and details of every one of our discoveries. This allows you to request repairs and negotiate on the home’s purchase price depending on what we find during our older home inspection in Cincinnati.

If you are interested in buying an older home, let us provide you with the very best older home inspections Cincinnati has to offer.