Luxury home Inspections in Cincinnati, Ohio

You have found your Cincinnati dream home and you want to know its exact condition. At American Verified Home Inspections, we provide Cincinnati luxury home inspection services to home buyers who may be making the biggest investment they have ever made in their entire lives.

Our Cincinnati home inspectors are ASHI certified, trained and experienced to provide:

  • Electrical Inspections: Our Cincinnati luxury home inspectors understand the nuances of modern construction and of complex electrical systems. A luxury home typically contains more electric components and wiring than your average family home and that makes finding problems difficult. But not for AVHI. We will find any and all electrical problems if they exist.
  • Plumbing Inspections: AVHI has partnered with a licensed plumbing company that can evaluate the Cincinnati luxury home’s pipes and sewer pipe in order to determine if repairs are required.
  • Window Inspections: Our Cincinnati luxury home inspectors will inspect all windows to ensure that they are free of cracks, wear, and tear. All windows and doors will also be checked for seal problems and any potential air or water leakage or damage.
  • Roof Inspections: The roof on a luxury home is designed to keep the interior and your family dry and protected from the elements. If shingles are missing, cracked or if they have slipped out of place, this can cause water leakage and damage in the future. Our Cincinnati luxury home inspectors are trained to pinpoint any roofing problems to ensure that the home remains safe, comfortable and protected.
  • And More: Your luxury home will be inspected from the foundation walls to the roof. And as part of the Cincinnati luxury home inspection process, your inspector can also evaluate for termites, radon and other common home issues.

In addition to providing luxury home inspections in Cincinnati, AVHI also provides:

    • Historic Home Inspections
    • Older Home Inspections
    • New Home Inspections

When the Cincinnati luxury home has been inspected, you will receive a very detailed computer generated home inspection report within twenty-four hours. This report will enable you to request repairs from the seller or perhaps money off the purchase price for fixing any issues yourself by hiring a contractor of your choice.

When you want to make the best buying decision on any luxury home, contact AVHI and let us provide you with the best luxury home inspection in Cincinnati.