Historic Home Inspection in Cincinnati, Ohio

Before you buy a historic home, you need to find a Cincinnati historic home inspector with experience and the training to understand the original structure and any changes that may have occurred to the home over time. That is why you should always call on American Verified Home Inspections when you need to know:

  • The condition of the historic home’s wiring, pipes and roofing materials.
  • Whether the home contains building materials that may no longer be in use due to public health concerns.
  • If the home’s undersized electrical system is sufficient for today’s requirements.
  • If the home has sustained damage over the years due to age, the weather or insects.
  • And Many other issues common to Cincinnati Historic Homes.

Our Cincinnati historic home inspectors will conduct a thorough on-site evaluation of the historic property and it is recommended that, as the home buyer, you follow along. This will allow you to view any deficiencies first-hand and it also enables the historic home inspector to inform and educate you along the way. You will learn how the historic home functions and you may learn a thing or two about construction practices and materials that are relegated to another era. As your Cincinnati historic home inspector, we will point out all the problems found as well as the good points, providing you with all the facts you need to make the most informed buying decision.

The Cincinnati Historic Home Inspection Process

Our Cincinnati home inspectors will provide you with:

  • Historic Roof Inspections: As the years pass, factors like severe weather, building movement, improper design and maintenance, among others, can cause serious havoc on even the sturdiest of roofs. Our Cincinnati home inspectors will use the latest processes in order to identify any signs of weakness or deterioration.
  • Electrical Inspections: Historic homes may contain the original wiring, which may be unsafe or insufficient to power a home with today’s electrical requirements. Our Cincinnati historic home inspectors will evaluate the home’s wiring to ensure its safety and efficiency. It is possible that the home’s electrical system was upgraded at some point. But was that electrical installation performed correctly? That is exactly what our Cincinnati historic inspectors intend to find out.
  • Plumbing Inspections: Outdated plumbing systems and ineffective drainage are two of the most common problems found in Cincinnati historic homes. Chances are, the home has experienced years of plumbing updates as parts wore out or became obsolete due to emerging technology. Out Cincinnati historic home inspectors will carefully evaluate the home’s plumbing system to ensure its reliability.
  • And Many other issues common to Cincinnati Historic Homes

Whether you need historic home inspections, older home inspections, luxury home inspections or you are looking to buy a newer home, AVHI wants to be your Cincinnati historic home inspector.