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Electrical Inspections in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you are going to move your family into a new home, you must ensure that the home’s electrical system meets the minimum electrical safety standards. Our AVHI Cincinnati electrical inspectors will check for frayed or damaged wiring and other dangerous conditions that can lead to serious problems later on. The Cincinnati electrical inspection process also includes ensuring that all electrical outlets are covered and that all appliances are installed and operating properly. By performing an adequate Cincinnati home inspection of the home’s wiring and electrical systems, we can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs in the future.

At American Verified Home Inspections, we specialize in:

    • Historic Home Inspections: Historic homes must be checked for old wiring and appliances, as those aspects can degrade quickly as the years pass. Some historic home concerns can be corrected and this includes the home’s wiring. Our Cincinnati home inspectors will help you determine if the home’s wiring is in good shape, ensuring a safer, more efficient historic home. Our inspectors may also be able to recommend various solutions to common electrical problems found in some historic homes.
    • Older Home Inspections: Older homes present great fixer-upper opportunities. But buying the wrong home can quickly turn out to be a costly mistake. Not only are electrical systems expensive to replace, but fires can result if given enough time and the right conditions. Our Cincinnati home inspectors will make sure that you are not walking into any potential landmines with your new home decision.
    • Luxury Home Inspections: Luxury homes have extensive wiring requirements and that means that there could be many underlying problems that aren’t readily visible to the naked eye. Our Cincinnati electrical inspectors will routinely check appliances, electric switches, lights and all other aspects of the home’s electrical system to ensure workability and safety.
    • Newer Home Inspections: Our AVHI electrical inspectors in Cincinnati will assess the home’s entire electrical system, regardless of the home’s age or the size.

Before you make a buying decision on a new home, contact American Verified Home Inspections and let our Cincinnati electrical inspectors evaluate the home’s electrical system inside and out. If there are hazards or the wiring is insufficient, you will be the first to know. Since 2004, AVHI has provided Cincinnati with the very best in Cincinnati home inspection. Contact us today and let us show provide you with the very best in Cincinnati electrical inspections.