Rob Wetterstroem, owner and lead inspector for American Verified Home InspectionsRob Wetterstroem has been an inspector since 2003, where he began his career with Southern Home Inspection Services in Atlanta, GA.

He moved back to his hometown of Cincinnati, OH in 2004 and founded American Verified Home Inspections.  Rob is an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI), and has performed over 4000 home inspections.   He encourages his customers to attend the home inspection in its entirety, where the buyer gets an opportunity to get a clear picture of the condition of the home, and its working components.

Rob is continually recognized by clients for writing clear, concise inspection reports that allow buyers to understand what they are getting into.  With his reports, buyers are able to save hundreds and often times thousands of dollars, through negotiating repairs and/or price reductions before closing on their home.

  • ASHI Certified Inspector, ACI designation
  • Licensed Termite Inspector, State of Ohio
  • Licensed Radon Tester, State of Ohio
  • Residential Roofing Inspector, Haag Roofing
  • St Xavier High School graduate
  • The Ohio State University graduate
  • Evans Scholar and proud supporter of the Western Golf Association

Rob is an avid golfer and plays annually in the Cincinnati Golfers for Charity event, where 40 golfers play 100 holes of golf in a single day, to raise money for local children’s charities.   He is married and lives in the Oakley neighborhood of Cincinnati.

I found Rob online through the AHSI site when looking to get an inspection on my possible purchase of an older house. His website gives a very good reflection of his thorough nature and ability to explain things well. My Realtor was also very impressed with him, and she’s seen many inspector’s work. He didn’t over-dramatize issues but clearly pointed out many important details. I’m so glad that I picked him, as all the issues he raised were vital and expensive items to repair. He saved me from probably $20K in repairs to the home and from making the first-time home buyer mistake of going with a home I loved vs one that is in good repair. Do not hesitate to hire him, I will be going directly to him for any future inspection needs. ~Erica E. Cincinnati, OH

After canceling the offer my last house because of the inspection results, I again turned to American Verified to inspect the next house I made an offer on. Eric Limper was my inspector this time and he did just as thorough job as Rob did. Eric was able to answer all of my questions and identified a number of important electrical issues as well as with the installation of the water heater and dishwasher, so he’s very detail-oriented and knowledgeable about guidelines and how things should be done properly to safety and function. I am glad I again went with American Verified and feel confident moving forward that I know exactly what the issues are and what will need to be addressed. Don’t hesitate to hire them to help you out! ~Erica E. Cincinnati, OH

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