Air Conditioning Unit Obstructed Air Flow

Obstructed Air Flow Around Air Conditioning Unit

The outside Air Conditioning Unit to your home should have good airflow around it.  One job as a Cincinnati home inspector is to evaluate whether the unit has this, as this is very important to allow the unit to operate at peak efficiency.  In this photo, you can see that weeds and vegetation have overgrown the unit and it has little to no airflow.  Maintain at least a 6-inch clearance around all sides of the Air Conditioning unit, and several feet above it to allow heat to blow off the coils.

If you ignore the problem for too long, the strain on your system can lead to COMPRESSOR FAILURE. The compressor is like the heart of your air conditioner, and when it goes, there’s a good chance you’ll need a new unit.

The good news is, many of the causes behind HVAC airflow problems are easy and relatively inexpensive to fix.


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