Getting Ready For The Home Inspector

Getting Ready For The Home Inspector

Home inspections are very common when people are deciding on whether or not to purchase a home. If you are selling yours, the odds are high that the potential buyer will have a home inspector check out the house before they close on it. The potential buyer may hire someone to do a very detailed home inspection. It is not that uncommon for radon inspections in Cincinnati to occur, or termite inspections when someone is deciding to buy a home, but normally it will be a more general inspection. Luckily there are several things you can do yourself to make sure your home will pass this general home inspection with flying colors. Here are three important ones.

Things To Work On Before A Home Inspection

1. Start At The Very Top

A home inspector will closely examine a home from top to bottom. So let’s start at the top. The roof must be in good condition. You probably already think your roof is if you have had no problems with leaks over the years, but you should still check. Any shingles that are damaged or appear to be falling apart should be immediately replaced. If you spot wet or rotting spots underneath any shingles you might as well start repairing them, because the buyer is going to ask you too anyways when he receives the home inspection report.

2. Get Your Plumbing In Order

Another area home inspectors pay special attention to is a home’s plumbing. Again, you may think that everything is already in good working order, but bad water pressure in one sink, or a leak in some faucet you may never use, are both the types of problems a homeowner can forget about over the years. Make sure that your water pressure is up to standards by turning on all your faucets and flushing your toilet at the same time. Go over every single faucet to make sure there are no leaks. If you do find a small leak determine if it’s a do-it-yourself type job, or if you need to call a plumber.

3. Make Sure Electrical Systems Are Good

A thorough inspection of a home’s electrical systems is going to be one of the major things a home inspector does when grading a house. You know your home and are probably already aware of any outlets that don’t work, or damaged wiring in any parts of the house. If you know of problems like this get them fixed immediately. A bad electrical report during home inspections is a major deal breaker for buyers. Make sure that the electric panel and circuit breakers are adequate for the home, with no circuits overloaded, and that bathrooms and kitchen have the proper ground fault circuit interrupters.

You’ll know about any big problems with your own home. Make sure you take care of them before the home inspection. But also make sure to check the roof, plumbing, and electrical system thoroughly even if you haven’t noticed any recent problems. A home inspection that goes well can be the difference between selling your home at the price you like, or not selling it at all.

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