Flexible Gas Connectors Running Through a Wall


gas piping


Gas piping is a very important aspect that gets evaluated as part of American Verified Home Inspections thorough inspection.  Much of the gas piping is not visible behind walls and finished ceilings in the basement.  What is visible will be evaluated as part of your Cincinnati home inspection.  This picture shows a flexible gas pipe connector being run through a wall which is a safety hazard.  A solid Black iron gas pipe or CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel) pipe should be run through walls and flooring, as these type of materials can withstand the friction caused by movement of the home, and are much less susceptible to cracking.  This flexible gas pipe connector in the photo was pointed out as a safety hazard by the inspector, and recommended that a qualified plumber be called (not the home owner) to evaluate and replace with the proper piping.

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