Features of A Quality Home Inspection

Features of A Quality Home Inspection

When you need a home inspected you want to be sure you are placing your trust in the best company around.  How do you know if your home inspector is competent and trustworthy?  Well, a quality home inspection must be performed accordingly to industry-specific standards.  Your inspection should check the following, which should be included in all quality home inspections.

Roof- Your inspector should check the roof’s general structure and overall condition, including checking the flashings, gutters, and downspouts.  He may also check for vegetation that may prevent proper drainage away from the home.

Exterior of the home- Your inspector will also check for any damage to the home’s siding, flashings, brick, or other wall coverings.  He will check to ensure that all doors and windows open, shut, and lock.  Also, porches, handrails, steps, and decks will be checked for rotting and overall condition.

Foundation-A competent inspector knows how to spot signs of shifting or cracking in your home’s foundation.  He will check to see if the door frames still seem square, and he will look for any signs of water damage.

Heating and Cooling Systems- Your inspector will access the home’s heating and cooling systems and will check the age, model, type, and energy rating as well as the system’s overall working condition.

Plumbing- Home inspectors also check your plumbing for problems or damage.  By accessing the water pressure and drainage efficiency in the home’s sinks, tubs and toilets and water heater, he will determine if everything is in proper working order.

Electrical and Wiring- Your service drop, meter enclosure, emergency disconnects, and service panel will all be evaluated.  Breakers and fuse boxes, smoke detectors, switches, fixtures, and outlets will all be tested and GFCI’s will be verified.

Ventilation and Insulation- Your inspector will also analyze the condition and presence of insulation in accessible areas.  He will also inspect the ventilation for blockages and other problems.

Finally, your inspector will evaluate the condition of plaster, drywall, moldings, staircases, railings, as well as interior doors and windows.  He will test the garage door, look for cracks in the flooring, and even inspect the condition of the driveway.

Schedule a home inspection today and you will feel much better about the home you live in.

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