Home Inspection Costs- Is It Worth It?

Save money with home inspections

Having your home inspected will give you peace of mind in knowing that your home, or the home you are purchasing is safe, sturdy and sound.  In fact, having a professional home inspector access your home is well worth the cost and is even required by most lenders before approving financing for a home purchase.

Home inspectors will access your home’s overall condition and report and identify any problems found.  He will list his findings in a report along with photographic evidence of each, and may even walk through with the home owner to bring each problem to their attention.

Ancillary Services

Many home inspections companies also offer ancillary services in addition to the standard inspection.  These services may include tests for asbestos, radon, mold, and lead, along with water and air quality.  A test can even be performed to evaluate the amount of heat loss from the house using thermal imaging.  This helps home owners reduce heating and cooling bills.

Who Needs A Home Inspection

Sellers-If you are trying to sell your home, you should consider having it inspected.  This will let you know beforehand what repairs you need to make to your home, and help you sell your home faster.

Buyers- If you are trying to purchase a home an inspection will alert you of any unnoticed and possibly unsafe conditions.  You don’t want to purchase a home just to learn that you will need to spend thousands of dollars in costly repairs to be able to live in it!  You may decide you don’t want to purchase the home any longer, or use the inspection as a negotiating point to get a better deal.

Homeowners- So maybe you aren’t interested in selling or buying a home.  Well homeowners can also benefit from a home inspection.  There is no better way to ensure that your home is a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.  You will know exactly where you should focus your attention when doing repairs, maintenance, and renovations.  It is also a very wise thing to do before refinancing your home.

Everyone can benefit from a quality home inspection.  And of course, the best home inspections provide you with a comprehensible, truthful, and easy-to-understand report on the current condition of the home you’re interested in.

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